David Miles | Paintings and Watercolour

Expressions using the Human Figure and Watercolour paintings of the Outer Hebrides, sometimes called the Western Isles.

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Symbolist Paintings and Expressions of Love.

David Miles | Harris - Outer Hebrides

The aesthetic which is expressed in the visual arts doesn't change much over the years even if ways of achieving it change. I see it as a combination of what is recognizable to us and a human interpretation which excites and communicates something we can all share, energizing the imagination.

I am wedded to a fairly conventional view of the world and my interpretations are largely symbolic. Other times I just represent what I see.

David Miles

Scarista Studio | Outer Hebrides

Sales and shipping by arrangement. More details and other work available.

Contact Information

  • Scarista Studio,
  • Isle of Harris,
  • Outer Hebrides, HS3 3HX.
  • Scotland. U.K.
  • Fon: ++44(0)1859 550 224
  • E-Mail: milesart99@hotmail.com
  • Visitors to the studio are welcome, or by appointment.

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